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Items can be bought from various vendors throughout Dong Dank
"Air Justins are perfect for the Swammie addict inside all of us."

General Information

Leather Boots

Air Justins are an item available to buy on the second floor of the Black Market for 1 gold diamond from a vendor named "Justin's Mom".

When wearing Air Justins, if a Peasant sneaks they will be launched into the air, allowing them to jump higher and further distances. Air Justins are powered by swammie essence and the more swammie essence a peasant has in their body, the further and higher they will jump. Also, the further and higher they jump, the more swammie essence will be consumed.

Past approx. 350 swammie essence, you stop gaining more jump height.


Before the vendor in the Black Market, the only Air Justins available were white ones given out at events. There are also a number of light blue leather boots named Air Justins but they are not official and do not work.