RoaminHair Meganzoor
Location Home
Type District
Rulers Lord Roamin

The Elders

Law Enforcement N/A
Institiutions Town Hall
Places of Note
Date of Founding

 The Brickton District, unique for its clay bricks, serves under Lord Roamin in the city of Dong Dank.

Notable Locations Within The District

Town Hall

Here you will find the main chamber where district meetings take place. There is an smaller table upstairs with chests for placing gold and relics of the district. Downstairs has a recreational area and Paladin Sanctuary. Designed and built by TheMissingno with help from Alklaine and Block_Parser, Est. 6 August, 2014.

Brickton Fire Department

The Brickton Fire Department is where you will find our first responders at work. The Chief is CRReasor.

Coordinates: (-578/70/568)

Ghostbusters Station

The Ghostbusters station is a building made by Lord Roamin's squire Faiden6. Lord Roamin gave him the task of making a building inside an enclosed plot, with the purpose of dealing with any out of control ghosts.

Coordinantes: (-310/70/305)

Building in Brickton

LOM Brickton

After the Great Oak War, due to negotiations by Roamin with the Grove, Brickton had oak wood and bookshelves added to their block palette, however, this was taken away recently due to the wood starting fires across the entire district. Bookshelves were kept in the palette.


  • The Brickton Elders are composed of 7 peasants from the Brickton District.
  • Elder elections are held every five weeks.
  • New resolutions require four affirmative Elder votes followed by a successful town plebiscite (yes/no vote) to pass.
  • Elders can be cast out by resolution, however this requires a unanimous Elder vote.


In the past, the bricks of Brickton were changed to emerald blocks for a while and the district was aptly renamed "Emeraldton".



  • Brickton is loyal first to Lord Roamin.
  • Brickton will follow all laws of the Lords.

District Events

Brickton banner


Brickton hosts Roamintine's Day the second week of February.


Brickton District Meetings takes place Fridays at 7PM EST.


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