Squires are a past feature of Lords of Minecraft. Squires basically took the role of a building team on the server, creating content for the Buffalo Wizards through the form of building their bases and creating characters for the Lords to interact with. The biggest feature of Squires is that they are unable to talk as when they took the Squire oath they had their tongues "cut out".

Being a Squire was not for those members of the community that loved roleplay and the Peasant interaction as most of the time, Squires sat on the server unable to talk with nothing to build and do because the Buffalo Wizards were not making videos or required anything from them.

It has been said that originally Squires were supposed to change up every now and again, however Squires did not change up as often as originally planned. This is due to the fact that some people got very attached to Squires, Lords, viewers and fellow Squires alike and it is very hard to find trustworthy and reliable people to Squire as Roamin demonstrated with his streak of Squires.

Serfs were introduced with the idea that they would be disposable Squires and allow peasants to participate in outside city life.


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