DEN Building
Dank Entertainment Network
Location The Magic Quarter
Type Television Channel
Law Enforcement
Places of Note
Date of Founding
Founder KuzonFilm

 The Dank Entertainment Network or DEN for short, formally known as the Dank News Network (DNN), was a group of people that was founded by the peasant Kuzon (ign: KuzonFilm) that created news reports and other Lords of Minecraft related videos.

Lords of Minecraft The News Reporter

Lords of Minecraft The News Reporter

Lords of Minecraft Swammie Bust

Lords of Minecraft Swammie Bust

It was made popular after Lord Willakers and Lord Justin paid a visit to the DNN studio in order to try and sponsor it. They were unsuccessful and instead tried to frame Kuzon for having a Swammie.

The group officially become defunct on the 23 March 2015 and are now making content on their individual channels.



The founder, executive producer, editor and main anchor of DNN. Kuzon started the show as a means of improving her journalism, writing and editing.


Recruited August 15th. Past squire to Lord Deadbones. Frost's work with DNN was not shown in videos, as he spent much of his time being a news collector. However, he did have a show on DNN titled "Game Theory", a show that focused on the sporting side of Dong Dank.


Recruited August 19th.


Recruited August 19th.


Recruited August 25th.


Recruited in September, he hosted the restaurant themed show, "Dining in DongDank."