The Hierarchy in DongDank


With the title King being deemed nothing with all states of the Lord's of Minecraft changing to a democracy. The title Lord means more than it does now in DongDank. All the current Lords who inhabit DongDank were Knights of King Poose. All current Lord's have partaken of the dragon's blood of Barsiddius making them immortal.


With the downfall of a Kingdom and the rise of democracy. The King is now like a peasant, but without the peasants knowing of all this, he still holds a sense of authority over them. Though the Lord's now know, they don't need to take orders from their king, but they still respect him and treat him as another Lord. As the same for their queen. The current King and Queen is King Poose and Queen Shay.


The Prince has a higher rank due to diplomatic immunity and seeing that Prince Spyd has accepted the customs of DongDank and has become more like a lord. There is currently one Prince in DongDank, which is Prince Spyd who watches over SouthShire, a district no one wanted.













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