This page is about an item.
Items can be bought from various vendors throughout Dong Dank

Item crates are buyable items at the Lord's Mall containing different food and drink. Different crates contain different items. When carrying crates users cannot use their shardstones.

Note: All items have a 45-second cool down.

Ain't Easy Contract

  • Chocolate Cheese (Spawns soul sand behind player), Consumable, Your tummy will not like this!
  • Canned Natural Cheddar (Transforms player into Oak Tree Sapling), Consumable, Makes you feel one with nature!
  • Mozza Familiar (Spawns a rabbit for a short time), Consumable, Brings forth fuzzy friends!

Spydarino Contract

  • Loaf of Prince(Nausea effect, hearts above head, and music), Consumable, Sweet butterfly biscuits!
  • Spicy Carrot (Hearts above head, and night vision), Consumable, Spice away the night!
  • Bottle of Prince tears (Many hearts above player's head for several minutes), Consumable, The perfume of love!
  • Chicken Princestick (Poison IV, Water Breathing, Hunger III, Nausea II), Consumable, A plate of spoiled chicken.
  • Spaghetti and Prince Balls (Opens the player's enderchest), Consumable, The nethersauce is kinda overpowering.

McDankys Contract

  • Danky Burger (Praise danky title text, Donkey Kong music and jump spam)
  • McDanky Fries (FOV spam (slowness/speed), Praise danky Title text, Absorption, Night Vision, Nausea)
  • Danky Jangle Juice (Poison)

Vineyard Soups Contract

  • Justin's Totally Not Swammie Soup (Night Vision II, Slowness, Nausea, Swammie sound effect(slowed down))
  • FireBlast Soup (Fire particles above head)
  • The Vineyard Purge ("You cleanse yourself of negative effects and emotions" and relaxing music)

Sweet Eats Contract

  • Dreamy Cheesecake (smoke particles under the feet)
  • Candy Apple (Angry Villager particle spam and noise, can't move the cursor or walk)
  • Ice cream Sandwitchs (Spawn a witch)
  • Extra Butter Popcorn (makes you fly(iron pressure plate) regenerate, absorption hearts and a few particles)
  • Strawberry Birthday Cake (Turns you into a cake)

Porkys Contract

  • Porky's Famous Bacon (Turns you into a pig)
  • Porky Bun
  • Porky's BLT (Fire Resistance and a few fire particles)

Tuna Bandit Contract

  • Fresh Tuna (Jails you)
  • Sushi (Teleport you to where the last person that ate it was)
  • Salty Drank (Teleports you very high (teleported back because of leaving the city))

Team Phijkchu Contract

All Team Phijkchu Contract Pizzas play an excerpt out of a song from the Moody Bidoofs album.

  • Cute Pizza
  • Cool Pizza
  • Beauty Pizza
  • Tough Pizza
  • Clever Pizza
  • Red Gem (Not consummable, collects the gem and displays the ammount you have. Stackable)

Willy Brewer Co. Contract

  • Super Moon Shine (Blindness 10) Blindness potion.potency.10 (83:19)
  • Wiggly Whisky (Nausea (5:00))
  • Bruce Juice (Invisibility 5) Invisibility potion.potency.5
  • Sky Chaser (Jump Boost 80) Jump Boost potion.potency.80 (0:20)
  • P.R.O.C Dwarven Ale (Strength 10, Mining Fatigue 10) Strength potion.potency.10 (0:20), Mining Fatigue potion.potency.10 (0:20), When Applied: +1430% Attack Damage
  • Liquid Swammie (Speed 15, Night Vision 10) Speed potion.potency.15 (0:10), Night Vision potion.potency.10 (0:10), When applied: +320% Speed
  • Bloody Stoner (Slowness 12 (0:20)) Slowness potion.potency.12 (0:20), When applied: -195% Speed
  • The Winky Wink Special (Each positive potion effect possible) Speed potion.potency.5 (0:20), Haste potion.potency.5 (0:20), Strength potion.potency.5 (0:20), Instant Health potion.potency.5 (0:20), Jump Boost potion.potency.5 (0:20), Regeneration potion.potency.5 (0:20), Fire Resistance potion.potency.5 (0:20), Water Breathing potion.potency.5 (0:20), Night Vision potion.potency.5 (0:20), Absorption potion.potency.10 (0:20), When Applied: +780% Attack Damage | +120% Speed
  • Heart Stopper Slowness potion.potency.5 (0:20), Mining Fatigue potion.potency.5 (0:20), Nausea potion.potency.5 (0:20), Blindness potion.potency.5 (0:20), Hunger potion.potency.5 (0:20), Weakness potion.potency.5 (0:20), Poison potion.potency.5 (0:20), Wither potion.potency.5 (0:20), When Applied: -3 Attack Damage | -90% Speed.