Vital Information
Titles Lord
Other Name(s) Lord of the North
Status Alive
Current Residence Mt. Justmore
Representative of The Vineyard
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Friends Lord Willakers
Lord Roamin
Lord Nisovin
Allies Lord Coestar
Lord Deadbones
Lord Spyd
Minions Squire OddOstrich
Squire Jayd
Squire theBaldr
Enemies The Fuzz
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Immortality, Persuasion, Creepiness
Abilities Swammie Production
Equipment Banishment Rod, Galaxy Orb
Weakness(es) None, He's A Lord
Series Information
First Seen The First Roundtable
Last Seen
Played By HCJustin

I will have my castle and I will call her Mount Justmore...and I will do so as the Lord of the North - Justin

Justin is depicted within the first card set. To see the card click here.

Justin was one of nine lords featured on the Lords of Minecraft server. As of right now he is known as Peasant Justin, the name he had before he became a Lord. He is played by HCJustin, and is introduced in the première episode. Justin has been seen as one of the more benevolent lords based on his interactions with the peasants. He often can be seen touring the city of DankDonk, leaving messages for the peasants on the work they have done on their plots. Additionally, with the assistance of Roamin and Nisovin, he has begun giving back to the peasants through his Extreme Plot Makeover.


Lord Justin Skin

Lord Justin's Current Outfit



Friendship Town Arc


Current Arc



Building Inspectors

Justin is the founding host of the hit series, Building Inspectors.  After seeing how popular the lands of DongDank were, and how quickly the plots of the city were filling up with buildings, Justin and Roamin  decided to take a walk through the city to examine just how busy the peasants have been.  Eventually, with assistance of Nisovin the three began to use crowd control techniques, and dozens of wood signs, to both protect themselves from the massive crowds of peasants and leave messages to those fortunate enough to have their homes visited. 

Extreme Plot Makeover

LoM and Order


  • "We will maybe save [the leftover dragon's blood] for someone...spydtacular." - Justin

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