"I'm only keeping these for a month, I don't need a proper lady."

The Princess competition is a competition held each month to find suitable ladies to satisfy the Prince's need for female attention. On average, 3-5 women are selected and as a prize get a pink nickname for a month to show that they are Princess to Prince Spyd. They also get a special pink crown and this crown can be worn after the month they are Princess.

First Princess Competition

The first Princess competition was held in December 2014 and Prince Spyd was assisted by Lord Willakers and Lord Coestar. The Princesses took part in hide and seek, the Prince then selected three ladies based on their performance in the hide and seek game to go through to the interview round where the Prince asked questions to the eligible women.

The winners of the first Princess competition were Natshue, Rayney and Bibliotaph, with runners up Spikeywikey13 and Sal123454321 both winning Princess crowns as runners up.

To watch the first competition, click to see part one here and part two here.

Second Princess Competition

The second Princess competition was held January 2015 and this time, Lord Deadbones and Lord Nisovin helped with the Princess selection. The first round of the competition saw selected ladies race from the western gate down Mainstreet to the castle. The second part of the competition was a quiz show in which ladies had to answer various questions and buzz in to answer.

The winners of the second princess competition were Pikachugirl987, nosefairy and AcapellaBellez with runner up Queen_Misread.

The ladies then had to search through Westshire looking for colourful items to please Prince Spyd.

To watch the second competition, click to see part one here, part two here and part three here.

Third Princess Competition

The third Princess competition was held March 2015 with help from Lord Willakers. Women were told to gather at the racing stadium to be selected from the stands by the Prince and then be questioned by Willakers and Spydster. Notably, women from the Elven Kingdom "Disneyland" entered this months Princess competition whom of which were contained and disposed of. After the selection process, a race was held around the track filled with creepers, zombies and punting sticks.

The winners of the third princess competition were Ginauz, Lilypadz, Unicornfarts22, SuperiorCitrines and eriloo777.

To watch the third competition, click to see part one here, part two here and part three here.

These set of Princesses remained Princess until November the 6th 2015 due to the absence of the Prince.