Squire rebekah by stplmstr
Vital Information
Titles Squire
Other Name(s)
Status Returned to Dong Dank
Origin The Vineyard
Current Residence
Allegiance Night Pyro by Squire Oath

Lord Deadbones by Soul Oath

Representative of
Gender Female
Race Dwarf
Hair Color Black
Eye Color
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Writing Smutty Fanfics
Equipment Skeleton Skull

Enchanted Squire Armor

Series Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Played By RebekahWSD

RebekahWSD is one of the ex-squires of Lord Deadbones and only Squire of Night Pyro


Rebekah was found by Lord Willakers in the Vineyard to be a squire to Night Pyro. Shorty after Lord Willakers kidnapped Rebekah to teach Night Pyro a lesson on how to not mistreat squires as Night Pyro left Rebekah alone for weeks on end. Lord Deadbones kidnapped Rebekah after finding her locked away deep in Lord Willakers's base. Due to the fact that Rebekah had been kidnapped was a bridesmaid in disguise during the Wedding, wearing a Wither skeleton head.

Rebekah died shortly after the great squire purge. Lord Willakers already believed her to be dead and was unable to kill her in the purge itself, but she took her own life not long after, out of despair for her lost friends and her abandonment by Night Pyro.

Since Release from Squire

When Rebekah returned to Dong Dank she stayed silent for the first week or so due to the abnormality of having the ability to speak after not speaking for so long. Just as she did when she was a Squire, Rebekah continues to write smutty fan fiction for the realm to enjoy.


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