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Items can be bought from various vendors throughout Dong Dank


Shardstones are mythical items that allow you to teleport to different locations in Dong Dank.

It takes about 2-3 seconds to cast the shardstone and unless you buy the greater stone equivalent, the stones have a 10 minute cooldown between each use. The stones do 4.5 hearts of damage per tick to a player for every block of fall damage during casting. To prevent yourself from dying, you should ensure that have at least more than half health on your health bar and that you are in a safe location.

You can buy shardstones at the General Vendor in the market.

Lore Information

Shardstones were implemented by Lord Willakers as a roleplay equivalent for the /home and /spawn commands that were removed from the server. As magic is illegal, shardstones were analyzed and declared as mythic to avoid controversy. In order for a shardstone to work, there needs to be a bindstone nearby that can relay the location and teleport you there. However, Homestones work differently and react to the unique plots of Dong Dank themselves.

Current Shardstones

  • Shardstone - Costs 200 Gold:
  • Teleports you to the Job Center and has a 10 minute cool down.
  • Greater Shardstone - Costs 2000 Gold:
  • Teleports you to the Job Center and has a 30 second cool down.
  • Homestone - Costs 500 Gold:
  • Teleports you to the nearest road or safest location by your plot and has a 10 minute cool down. Homestones do 4.5 hearts of damage for every cast.
  • Greater Homestone - Costs 5000 Gold:
  • Teleports you to nearest road or safest location by your plot and has a 30 second cool down. Greater Homestones do 4.5 hearts of damage for every cast.

Removed Shardstones

Other shardstones have existed in the past. However as other ways of travelling became accessible, the dated methods of obtaining these shardstones were phased out. Albeit, the removed shardstones still work.

  • Library Shardstone - Costed 500 Gold:
  • The library shardstone were once sold alongside the book and quills by the Librarian at the front desk of Nisovin's Library in the Magic Quarter. When Lord Nisovin had the time, he implemented and tested the mythical magic of bindstones beside the library, which meant that peasants could have an easier time donating books. The item was introduced to the Lords of Minecraft server around the 6th of December 2014[1]; but eventually the option to buy library shardstones were removed and opted for the library warp pipe in the warp zone at the market.


  • Shardstones originally teleported to the market but this was changed during March 2016 when the Paladins and Bandits update was released.

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