QueenShay Shichahn
Vital Information
Titles Queen
Other Name(s)
Status Alive
Origin Camelot
Current Residence The Barrens
Representative of
Gender Female
Race Dwarf
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Blue
Friends ...
Allies ...
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Immortality
Equipment Banishment Rod, Galaxy Orb, Whip
Weakness(es) None, She's A Queen
Series Information
First Seen Welcome Queen Shay
Last Seen
Played By

Queen Shay is depicted within the first card set. To see the card click here.

Queen Shay is a Queen featured on the Lords of Minecraft server. Played by Shay she is the wife of King Poose, the Queen of Camelot and the direct ruler of The Barrens and The Sand Dunes. She currently resides within a castle in the guild plot in the Sand Dunes. It was rumoured that she would have had secondary husbands instead of squires but the great "Squire Purge" stopped any progression.Shay debuts in the Queen Shay episode. 


Background .

Queen Shay is King Poose's first wife. She came to Dong Dank after being on vacation, but came back to a lack of her husband and a mess of a kingdom. She has made it her mission to fix it up. For example, getting Lord Justin to stop wearing ratty clothes.

She has a lot of power over all other lords, and they generally respect her. She is truly a powerful figure. She can even revive worthy peasants!

Current Arc

Wants Vineyard. Has Dunes guild plot.



"What's the point of having a big house if you're not going to have an orgy!"

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