LordSpyd Meganzoor
Vital Information
Titles Prince
Other Name(s) Spud, Spyd, 5pydster
Status Alive
Origin West Philadelphia
Current Residence Jungle Kingdom
Representative of South Shire
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Minions Handmaiden Nick, Handmaiden Tobben, Handmaiden Teddy, Handmaiden Taco
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Immortality
Weakness(es) Women
Series Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Played By Spydster

Prince Spyd is a character featured on the Lords of Minecraft server. He is played by Spydster and debuts in the Prince Spyd episode.



Prince Spydster was born and raised in West Philadelphia. While flying around in his ship, he stumbled among "Dong Dank (Home)" and decided to land. He was greeted by 3 of the Lords and called them as "peasants". He asked the Lords if he could stay and the Lords accepted with a slightest of hesitance. Whence he got accepted as a ruler in the kingdom, he chose Southshire as the district he would represent. He now resides in the Jungle outside the City walls which his former handmaidens Nick, Tobben, Teddy and Taco built.

Due to the reluctance of King Poose to impregnate the Queen, Prince Spyd is currently trying to have a baby with Shay, meeting her in the bar on Mainstreet run by Baron Kyle and trying to seduce her.

Prince Spyd holds a Princess competition each month to keep his constant need for female attention at bay. His personal preference in looks is women with red hair and green eyes.


Building Inspectors

Prince Spydster took the place of Lord Nisovin for the 5th season of Building Inspectors but later replaced for Baron Kyle due to his actions toward young women in the kingdom.

Image Gallery

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