The Rebels

The Rebels (faction) were a group of people revolting against the lords.The Rebels were supported by Night Pyro and are currently dismantled as their leader has laid down his arms. While most rebels have surrendered, some unorganized "Rebels" still fight on, usually through chat. "Rebel" is now usually a term for a crazy peasant.

Pyro's Rebellion

Some time after the Lords began to murder Dong Dank innocent citizens, torture people some many peasants agreed to begin a rebellion. There were many many small groups consisting of about (3-9) people at most. One such rebel group was created by shmight, X_Egoraptor_X and MasterofSarcasm. This tiny rebel gang posed very little resistance and was a mere annoyance to the Lords. All that changed when MasterofSarcasm got attention of Pyro who at the time was creating the Swammie 2.0 as to rebel against Lord Willikars. Pyro cured MasterofSarcasm and provided shmight with many gifts of armor, weapons and swammies 2.0.

After merely an hour of Pyro's visit citizens from all over the city began to flood in and sign up to join shmight's ranks.

The People's Militia

The Peoples Militia was started directly after the rise of pyro's rebellion. It was created by shmandible and was located in the barrens. The Peoples Militia were hugely unpopular due to the news and methods of operation. Once the rebels were disbanded The Peoples Militia attempted to become the Barrens Sand Stormers (BSS) but were denied by the council and disbanded. Shmandible soon commit sepekku after the disbanding of the militia, as she saw no purpose living anymore. Multiple others have attempted to re-create the original militia but were all eventually disbanded due to the infamy of the first militia.

"Seriously guys, stop making new militias and repeating the same mistake over and over and over again" -Shmandible

The Loyalists

The Loyalists were all peasants loyal to the Lords who were generally confused about the whole situation because Peasants chose to move Dong Dank and could move out at any time.

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