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The Slums
Location DongDank
Type Sub-District of New Pauper
Rulers The Lords
Law Enforcement
Places of Note
Date of Founding
Founder The Lords

  "It's like going into a movie theater...that's like a dollar theater...ugh." - Lord Roamin

The Slums was one of the habitable districts in the city of Dong Dank and was notably one of the first heavily populated places due to it's extremely low rent. It was located in the north-west quarter of the city, overshadowed by Cloud Kingdom and surrounded by the Pauper District. The district was often a key location of drug deals and unsavory interactions between peasants. During the Dong Dank anarchy period after the death of King Poose, the Cloud Kingdom crashed into the Slums, creating what peasants called "The Clums". As of August 2016, the remains of the Slums and Cloud Kingdom has been removed from Dong Dank leaving only Slum Tower.

Notable Locations Within The District

Slum Tower

The Slum Tower added a lot more plots, including a pre built McDankys inside of it. The letters are falling from the tower at high regularity and is a hotspot of drug deals.

According to Lord Justin, approximately 99.9% of the costs of the building went into the sign made of pure gold[1].

The Original McDankys

The Original McDankys was a restaurant that became well known. During a visit by a lord, OddOstritch became a squire. Some time after, the plot that McDankys was on is currently destroyed and is a crater

Notable Residents Of The District

  • OddOstrich, the founder of McDanky's.  Left to become Lord Justin's squire.

District Regulations

Lords theslums

The Slums, like any district, had strict regulations on what peasants could use as building materials.  

Most plots in this district featured dirt, cobwebs, and iron bars for windows.


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