Vineyard Portal
The Vineyard
Location DongDank
Type District
Rulers Lord Justin
Law Enforcement None At the moment
Places of Note
Date of Founding
Founder The Lords


The Vineyard is a medium-sized district located in central dong dank in between the mountain and the Paupers. Lord Justin is the patron lord of the district. In addition, the Vineyard is home to many shops and restaurants.


The Vineyard has community meetings,

Notable Events

The Vineyard has been the home to many roleplay events, including Extreme Plot Makeovers.


The Vineyard was also the fuel of the Swammy buisness when Swammies 1.5 were new to the market because of NPC Shady McSwams. Shady McSwams was then killed by Lord Willakers and accused of being created by former news reporter for the Dank News Network.

Notable Locations Within The District

swammie house

Oil Factory

Notable Residents Of The District

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