Welcome Peasant... to the realm of The Lords of Minecraft! While the kingdom is generally referred to as Dong Dank, the name is still pending on the Council of the Round Table, so beware!

Ultimately peasants of this world play no other role than to sleep, eat and breed... but for those who REALLY wanted to, they can build on plots, hold meetings in groups, and even hold events that perhaps the Lords will come to! The realm enables opportunities for peasants to simulate a city lifestyle: meeting new friends, playing occupations and working jobs!

Thanks to the resourcefulness of resident Grand Wizard Nisovin, peasants are able to go to the following link and overview the entire kingdom; perhaps even seeing their own plots on the map!


The unified kingdom of Dong Dank as we know of it are subdivided by many districts! These districts have their own representatives, customs and plot palettes, which helps to diversify the culture of Dong Dank! The districts, in the order of their creation are as follows:

  • Pauper
  • Slums
  • Cloud Kingdom
  • Sand Dunes
  • The Wizard Tower
  • Nature's Grove
  • Southshire
  • Dwarven District
  • Vineyard
  • Magic Quarter
  • Brickton
  • Netherward
  • The Barrens
  • The Great Oak
  • Westshire

Relevant Information

In addition to the established districts, there are other residences that are canon in the realm of the Lords of Minecraft Server but have not been considered as a genuine district OR have no representative!

These are:

  • Mainstreet (Castle, Mall)
  • Special Magic
  • Bobby Bill Morano
  • Camelot
  • West Delphia
  • Friendship Town/Deadlantis
  • And perhaps more in the future?!