So you're looking to process a video. What do I mean by process? Well, it involves watching a video and adding any relevant information from it to the Wiki. For the purpose of this article, I'll be using the The Round Table (Meetings) page for reference, as this is the page that I've spent most of my time working on.


Firstly, if you have the time, I'd recommend you watch the whole video first. This way, you can get an idea of what the video is about and the pages that might need to be created or updated. You're also looking for facts or information that is said during the video. For The Round Table videos, there is a load of information that is packed in there. For processing these videos, I've split all the information into two parts:

  1. Main Topics or Resolutions
  2. Sub-Topics or Off-Topics

Now, you probably wont have to do this for the video that you are processing, but I'm just talking through the process that I did. Information that was deemed as important was added to the Main group, where as anything that is aside or a joke, or maybe a minor point that is not too important, gets added to the second group.

If a Lord says something about a place in a video, say, they explain where the name for the prison 'Oztralia' comes from, we can add that to the relevant page (Ozstralia). Add that information to the relevant page, making sure to source the information (see Backstory on the Oztralia page).

Much like Wikipedia, citations are always important. Whilst anyone can say that they remember that a Lord said in some video or something about a thing, it's better to citate it so that it can be fully checked. A lot of problems that come from additions to the Wiki is that, if it hasn't been referenced, we can't be sure it's true.

So, whenever you add anything, please reference it. If you can also add a timestamp to the reference you are giving, it will again save a lot of time.

What to Look Out For

What is being built here is an information database that someone can look at and find information about specific things. For me, I want to build something that, if someone is thinking to themselves that they can remember about a specific thing being in a specific video, they can easily find it.

If a Lord says something about a place or person, add it to the relevant page, making sure to citate it again. Just be aware of when the video was made. If there is already some information on the page that contradicts it, make sure to either put it before or after, as the information was relevant and was true, but has just changed since. Historical definitions are still important to the pages.

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