WildfallenProfile Fitzy
Vital Information
Titles Squire
Other Name(s) Wildfalcon, Wildchud
Status Returned to Dong Dank
Origin His mom
Current Residence Willy Island
Allegiance Lord Willakers - by Squire Oath
Representative of
Gender Male
Race Dwarf or a Time Lord
Hair Color Red (naturally Black)
Eye Color Black
Family Married to Felix
Friends Cactus named Samantha
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Dashing good looks, Memes
Abilities Praying to Dankey so hard that he farts
Equipment Enchanted Squire Armor, Stolen gems
Weakness(es) Pot O' Gold
Series Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Played By Wildfallen

"You are a German Sausage" - Wildfallen 

Wildfallen is one of the ex-squires of Lord Willakers


Nicknamed as "Wild Chud" after failing a building competition he suffered the the consequences of dying his hair red. Wild helped build the arena in friendship town, was a part of Lord Willakers surprise "attack" on the wedding day and died of cancer around the time of the Great Squire purge.

Since Release from Squire

Since his death and release from the squire oath, Wildfallen has committed his life to creating dank memes which can be found on his youtube channel .


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